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Light Gold Temple Bracelets

Light Gold Temple Bracelets

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Temple Bracelets • Each set is made of 3pcs 

2 sizes available:

Size 1 Set - inner diameter 58mm 

Size 2 Set - inner diameter 63mm

(The model is wearing a Size 1 )


Our Temple bracelets are the perfect jewels to wear all the time including at the pool or at the sea! 

The monks collect the gold dust from the offerings to Buddha (who flies away during prayers) and fill each bracelet with it, then seal it with a protective prayer and sacred oils.

The meaning of each Mantra written on the connector is Love & Luck and has a sacred character. Roughness and irregularities of the bracelets are considered natural and are an inherent part of it. 

By its nature, the bracelet is flexible (easy to put on), light and silent. 

The colour of this bracelet stays vibrant and does not fade over time (rinse the bracelet with normal water after swimming in the sea to prevent fading).

You can wear it in accumulation on the same wrist, the effect will be sublime


Our Temple bracelets bring luck and good fortune and are made to be worn continuously (plus it’s even better not to remove them).

They are hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for the whole family 🧡💜


Also available in Silver colour and Champagne colour.


  • Hypoallergenic Rubber with metallic leaf foil and seal with a connector.  
  • Each set includes 3pcs
  • Bracelets may have slight differences from one another due to the manufacturing process.
  • They may seem deformed to you at reception. To restore their round shape, simply wear them while taking a shower.
  • Waterproof & Nickel Free
  • Flexible
  • Handmade with Love
  • No two pieces will ever be exactly the same
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