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N.6 Sanctuary Candle

N.6 Sanctuary Candle

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Experience the aroma of our exquisite Candles where each flicker unveils a symphony of captivating notes.
Let the aromatic dance of incense, iris, and cedarwood transport you to the cosy embrace of a crackling chimney. Immerse yourself in the warmth as the fragrance gently whispers memories of marshmallows toasting over an open fire.

In our collection, every scent tells a story and every moment is illuminated with elegance 💙


Mineral & Vegetable Wax Blend with Precious Vegetables Oils.

The Candles are Hand Cast in Small Batches and Cooled in Open Air to Offer You the Best Olfactory Experience Possible.
  • 210 gr
  • Burning Time App. 40hs - Clean & Ecological Combustion
  • IFRA Certified Fragrances
  • Paraben, Sulfate & Phthalate-FREE
  • Cruelty-FREE
  • Hand-Poured with ❤️ in Italy

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